Microscopy in Research 2013


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Microscopy in Research flyer available for download

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Publication - Message of the editor-in-chief of Microscopy and Microanalysis

Dear Members of the Portuguese Microscopy Community,

As the Editor-in-Chief of Microscopy and Microanalysis it has been a great pleasure for the past few years to interact with leaders in your community and to publish the Proceedings from your meetings as a Supplement for the journal. It has also been exciting to publish Special Issues of Microscopy and Microanalysis that include full length manuscripts highlighting the top research involving imaging techniques being used by investigators in Portugal. I am looking forward to publication of meeting materials and manuscripts from your upcoming Tarragona and December Portuguese Society meetings in future issues of Microscopy and Microanalysis.

Bob Price

Editor-in-Chief, Microscopy and Microanalysis


Dear Colleagues,

The Portuguese Society for Microscopy, in collaboration with the Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Egas Moniz invites you to participate in the Congress “Microscopy in Research 2013” that will be held December 9 and 10 at the Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Egas Moniz, in Monte da Caparica. Information about the meeting will be posted at the web site http://congress.spmicros2013.org.

This meeting aims at providing Portuguese microscopists with an opportunity to present and discuss their work with interested colleagues. Additional activities such as pre and/or post- Congress courses are being considered. Invited speakers will present subjects with broad interest for the microscopy community. Stay tuned for upcoming information.

As previously announced, the official meeting of SPMicros for 2013 will be held in Tarragona (http://www.microscopia.org/mfs2013) from September 17 to 20, in a joint meeting of the Spanish and Portuguese Societies that takes place every two years. This is a very important meeting for us as it allows for international interaction with a broad set of colleagues and interests. If you cannot make it to Tarragona however, don’t miss out on the opportunity to present you work at Monte da Caparica. As it occurred with the 2012 meeting, whose abstracts and full papers are already being published online, presentations in both meetings are eligible for publication on “Microscopy and Microanalysis”, the official journal of SPMicros.